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USA October 2009 : III – Oak Point, TX

Knew I was on a flight to Texas when my view of the safety demonstration was obscured by the cowboy hat of the man in front

It was a powerful transition, from independent young people to an interdependent family, from mountains to plains, cold to warm, MDT to CST.

Rockies from plane window, leaving Denver International



USA October 2009 : II – Boulder, CO

Covered in snow. In Colorado. Go figure (and other applicable Americanisms…)

Still in “big airport” mode from Heathrow and Kennedy, I arrived at LaGuardia spectacularly early, much to the bemusement of the check-in staff. I was expecting the endless conveyor belts and multi-terminal hell of LHR or JFK and instead got a gentle stroll around the corner to security and leisurely amble to my gate, not an escalator or belt in sight. The flipside, I suppose, is that there was no-one trying to sell me discount perfume, no caviar-and-champagne bar (no bar at all, come to think of it), in fact very little do to at all. Therefore, I spent the next two hours drinking orange juice and watching a car chase on CNN. (more…)