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USA October 2009 : IV – Baltimore, MD / Washington D.C.

Going all the way to Baltimore,  hope it won’t be raining when I get there.

…was an allusion to a couple of songs, namely Mark Erelli’s wonderful “Baltimore”, and Counting Crows’ “Raining in Baltimore.”  Erelli’s song I have alluded to before and is one of the great driving-all-night-to-see-my-girl songs, with the twist that on this occasion the girl in question is going to need a lot of convincing when he gets there.  Probably best not to look (or smell) like you’ve just driven all night then, really.  The latter is an unsung gem from August and Everything After, a paean to the joys and gut-wrenching impossibility of long-distance love. (more…)


USA October 2009 : III – Oak Point, TX

Knew I was on a flight to Texas when my view of the safety demonstration was obscured by the cowboy hat of the man in front

It was a powerful transition, from independent young people to an interdependent family, from mountains to plains, cold to warm, MDT to CST.

Rockies from plane window, leaving Denver International


USA October 2009 : II – Boulder, CO

Covered in snow. In Colorado. Go figure (and other applicable Americanisms…)

Still in “big airport” mode from Heathrow and Kennedy, I arrived at LaGuardia spectacularly early, much to the bemusement of the check-in staff. I was expecting the endless conveyor belts and multi-terminal hell of LHR or JFK and instead got a gentle stroll around the corner to security and leisurely amble to my gate, not an escalator or belt in sight. The flipside, I suppose, is that there was no-one trying to sell me discount perfume, no caviar-and-champagne bar (no bar at all, come to think of it), in fact very little do to at all. Therefore, I spent the next two hours drinking orange juice and watching a car chase on CNN. (more…)

USA 2009: Introduction & Prologue


The following is collated and edited correspondence both with my American friends and with friends and relatives at home, emails hurriedly typed in internet cafes in cities, or on borrowed laptops in friends’ houses, journal entries from the time.  I have added commentary with the benefit of hindsight, and intercut some of the photographs I took along the way.

The journal in question was a black leather journal cover embossed with a Frank Lloyd Wright design, a present from my mother a couple of years previous, holding 7×5 refills ordered from Barnes & Noble in the USA because Europe doesn’t do 7×5 notebooks. (more…)