Brief thoughts on Mad Men Season 4

Don adopts a Socratic pose

As the Siberian winds dump seemingly infinite amounts of snow on the UK, one tiny shard of light arrived in our living rooms at 10pm on Wednesday night.  Alas, that too has now gone out, snuffed out by the cold wind of capitalism in the form of Rupert Murdoch; the last episode of Season Four of Mad Men, and, significantly, the last episode to go out on the BBC.  No more uninterrupted, free-of-charge 1960s drama goodness for us.  Instead, we will be forced to sign up to Sky Atlantic, and then to sit through ad breaks.

I suppose complaining about advertisements in a show set in an advertising firm is tantamount to irony.  All the same, when it comes to watching such an elegant work of television as this without breaks, I fear we won’t know what we had ‘til it’s gone.

We, of course, are few in number; outside of TV critics, MM attracts a tiny audience.  Quite why the Beeb never saw fit to reshow it on BBC 2 later in the week (or, to risk setting the cat firmly among the pigeons, just move it there in the first place) is anyone’s guess, but languishing in the rarified backwater that is BBC Four it was never going to pull millions of viewers.

Tonight’s episode was a fine example of why we happy few love Mad Men so. (more…)