Winter I


Winter I, originally uploaded by pourdownlikesilver.



Manhattan Sky, originally uploaded by pourdownlikesilver.

Like everyone who passes through and falls in love with the place, I feel a strange pull today, a desire to be there, to stand beside New Yorkers and remember. To stand once again on the perimeter of the chasm left in downtown that they called Ground Zero. To stand beside those who will rally today in support of the Islamic Cultural Centre and all that its construction represents, in the knowledge that tolerance and mutual understanding is the only way out of these dark days.

In Memoriam

The Broads

The Broads, originally uploaded by pourdownlikesilver.

The only remotely arty shot to come out of four days on the Norfolk Broads.

Photobox “Around The World in 80 Days” – Shortlisted

Photobox, my online digital photo printers of choice, are having a competition to celebrate 10 years in business.  It was divided into categories by continent on a theme of Around the World in 80 Days.   I submitted a number of my American shots and promptly forgot all about it.  Until today.

Four rows down, in the centre.

Chicago and Lake Michigan

No idea why they chose this one of all the American stuff I submitted, but I’m sort of glad they did.  I can’t see it winning, somehow, as there’s some stiff competition, but it’s nice to be in all the same.

The Reckoning Sky

The Reckoning Sky, originally uploaded by pourdownlikesilver.

Sidmouth, shortly before our soundcheck on Monday night.

Prague: budget air travel, hostels, gadgets

Malostranksé Náměstí

Budget airline travel is a lot like binge drinking – you end up with a dry mouth, aching head and swear you’ll never do it again…

Budget airline travel is fucking horrible.  My recent travels have been either by rail (InterRailing Italy) or on proper airlines where at least the memory of the glamour of air travel lives on.  This had allowed me to forget just how unpleasant it is to be corralled into a 737 with 250 other people and kept there for two and a half hours at your own expense.  Or to spend over three hours airside in Manchester Airport Terminal 3 because your plane is late.  Or to be penned in to a small glass box in Prague and told nothing about the whereabouts of your plane, which is late, again, subsisting on vending machine fare and shooting angry glances at the screens insisting that your plane left on time when it hasn’t even arrived yet.  I know, I know, it’s cheap and we should put up with it, but if someone offered a “Be treated like a human being” surcharge I’d be at the front of the queue. (more…)


Fountain, originally uploaded by pourdownlikesilver.