Now that they are becoming increasingly obscured by new posts, I thought I’d write a quick index page for my American writings for ease of access and comprehension.

Pre-trip musings

I and II – In which I consider Simon & Garfunkel, the magnificent city of Chicago, IL and how peculiar it is to know somewhere before you arrive, especially through the media of ancient Microsoft computer games and old episodes of ER.

Introduction & Prologue – Pens, cameras, airports and why friends don’t let friends take the National Express.

I – New York, NY – London Heathrow to New York Kennedy, yellow taxis, tequila shots, MoMA, the Staten Island ferry, Central Park.

II – Boulder, CO – New York LaGuardia to Denver Intl, snow, cheeseburgers, a small ginger kitten called Max, snow, mountains, parties, snow, Target, Panera, more snow

III – Oak Point, TX – Denver Intl to Dallas/Fort Worth, hire car calamaties, religious experiences of the Springsteen kind, Homecoming parades

IV – Washington DC / Baltimore, MD – a B&B run by Father Christmas, Smithsonian Air & Space, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington monument, Lincoln memorial,

V – New York, NY – Return to NYC, The High Line, The Empire State Building, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Bleecker Street coffee and getting Taylor Swift songs stuck in my head

VI – Boston, MA – Rain, apartment, buying bacon, meeting an old friend, more rain, historical monuments, Sam Adams, Berklee, Harvard, a bit more rain, three hours of glorious sunshine and some more rain, trains, planes, more trains.


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